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NameCountry / JuristictionEmailPhoneHomepage
Sven Sven Leidel United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, (0) 40 69 63 84 13 – 0
Vlad Vlad Moyerer Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, 2162 / 106 554 9
Jörg Jörg Wachsmuth Germany, Switzerland, 2162 / 106 554 9
Uwe Uwe Röniger Germany, Austria, Switzerland, 2162 / 106 554 9
Markus Markus Wagemann Germany, Austria, Poland, France, 2162 / 106 554 9
Eva Eva Nolle South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland,
Craig Craig Johnston United States of America, Canada, Mexico, c.johnston329@gmail.com7138995353
Phillip Phillip Barone Canada, United States of America, Mexico, phil@baroneglobal.com3129722397
Felix Felix Timtschenko Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,
Gatis Gatis Kleins Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, 20262182
Bradley Bradley Finn United States of America, Canada, 238 1109
Claud Claud Horne South Africa, clahorne@gmail.com0836616821
Matthew Matthew Zimmerman United States of America, France,
Uwe Uwe Fischer Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, 52 55 4801 6860
Bryan Bryan Roberts Nigeria,
Matt Matt Hardy Cambodia, India, Thailand, Singapore, United States of America,
Rafael Rafael Saadon Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel,
Jordan Jordan Kelly United Kingdom,
Pantaleon Dr. Pantaleon Fassbender United States of America, 941600 9768
Daniela Ms. Daniela Valenti Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia,
Frank Frank Schurgers United States of America, Canada, Mexico, 813-421-3991
Ray Ray Lyngdoh India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, admin@thelyngdohs.comN/A
Bert Bert von Stockhausen Netherlands,
Graham Graham Cook United Kingdom, United States of America, China, (0) 203 102 4050
ASI EUROPE Germany, Switzerland, Austria, (0) 40 219 09 87 - 0
Susan Braakman, Susan Braakman, Sabine Hutchison, Kieran Canisius Netherlands,
Pan-African Shield College Kenya,